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Truth About Cellulite Review - Rope Jumping For Cellulite Reduction

As according to your wish and you can easily lose weight and get rid of cellulite naturally, if you
prefer, especial jumping rope.

Jump Rope
Jumping rope is a practical and comfortable simulator, which can be easily handled at home and
in the gym. The effectiveness of jumping rope is that only one session you can lose more than
cycling and swimming. For example, a person weighing 60 kg in one burns up to 620 calories, if
jumping jumps 120-140 per minute.

And jumping rope are the best means to get rid of cellulite. Classes with a rope are aerobic type
classes. Basketball players and boxers always do warm up with jumping rope. In jumping rope is
nothing sophisticated, but cellulite is killing very well. Surely, everyone hopped on the rope as a

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Why to jump on the rope?
* Systematic jumping rope help lose weight.
* Naturally develops jumping.
* Improves the function of the respiratory and cardiovascular system.
* Good opportunity to burn fat with a good result of stamina.
* Leg muscles tighten and tone the body.
* Cellulite is reduced and the POI disappears with a balanced diet.
* Your figure will always be slim and attractive, if you keep jumping rope.

3rd- Diet Secrets Against Cellulite
With active anti-cellulite should also pay attention to nutrition and the item put in the first place.
After all, it is important to address not only external ways, and internal. With anti-cellulite diet
follow the recommended products. Some of them contribute to the appearance, and the other
on the contrary reduces the quantity. Choosing a diet all the below listed products may not gain
weight on vacation.

Like peas, lentils and beans, Simmer soup, do as garnish in salads. Eat plenty. Legumes have
very good combination with cereals, especially with rice. In the bean is a “slow” carbohydrate,
which goes a long way after receiving and dulled the appetite. Lack of legumes is that they can
accumulate gas in the intestines. To reduce this gap, soak beans overnight, and in the dish, add a
clove of garlic.

Cereal cooked oats, rye, buckwheat and corn flour.

Oil should be completely excluded from the diet of butter, margarine. In salads mostly use olive
or vegetable oil. If possible, refill the juice of a lemon. It is more important to give up oil in the
recovery period, while sitting on a diet after the poisoning.

Dairy products
They should be used at the minimum. Milk is better not to drink. Cheese is better to eat a low fat
content. Or replace it with soy cheese or goat cheese. Cottage cheese and then eat a little fat.

Eat meat only one day a week. And this once desirable eat turkey, chicken or lean beef. In this
case, remove the skin from poultry. Also prepare meals in the microwave or oven, steamer or

Eat peanuts, coconut, walnuts. Also cedar, almonds, hazelnuts, almonds or cashews, sweet
chestnut are also useful.

Fish and seafood
All of fatty fish (herring, sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon) and not greasy (hake, haddock, cod) -
eat three times a week. Also eat any seafood 2-4 times a week.

Bakery products
Eat only once a day and a bit. And the products have to be made ​from rye flour or bran. Can rye
bread. Baking banned.

Eat up to three eggs a week, because it has a great content of protein.

You may list seemed strict but cellulite diet does not apply to hard. You can make an exception
and allow yourself to eat sometimes. Eat sweet persimmon, kiwi. Beat the vegetables in a
blender, and cook all kinds of goodies from the fruit. Almost the same diet encourages stick
hypocaloric diet. Do not think that you are on a strict diet, and think that because you are doing
better shape and help your skin look beautiful, velvety without cellulite.

If sometimes you afford goodies, do not reproach yourself, and bring your thinking into positive -
my body is cleansed and healthy treats will not hurt a bit.

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